Meet the Hosts

We Are Andy & Dougie!

It's fair to say that both Andy and Dougie have had their fair share of mental health battles, these very battles inspired them to create this podcast and to spread the word that it's OK to not be OK!

Andy Griffiths

Andy’s life story is proof that truth is often stranger than fiction. Large chunks of Andy’s life were shrouded in anxiety, depression and worry. If reality TV existed when he was a kid he’d probably have his own show. Instead, he became a therapist. Go figure.

In addition to being a wounded healer, Andy is a fully accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist and a FAA Level 3 trainer in first aid for mental health, and the creator of the anxiety unplugged programme. Having had success in a number of business sectors Andy now spends his time helping others overcome their mental health issues. 

Andy runs his own private therapy practice Piece of Mind in Glasgow and also teaches Hypnotherapy and Mental Health first aid.

Dougie Jackson

Dougie Jackson’s successful careers in both media and event production have allowed him to travel the world and work with some of the most talented people of his generation. However, being immersed in these two highly creative environments for most of his adult life – where stellar highs are inevitably followed by truly miserable lows – meant Dougie also had to “turn the volume down” on anxiety-fuelled tinnitus and “tame” The Black Dog.

“Producing Tickety Boo with The Notorious B.A.G. (Big Andy Griffiths) is, quite possibly, the most worthwhile thing I’ve done in about a decade. If you’re currently toiling, please, give it a listen.

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